In the landmark Elli alias Katti Elviira

This page is dedicated to Ellille, our family’s privileged Pinscher cat. Elli really thinks she’s a pinser, but mostly Elli is a full-grown cat. In a typical style of cats, Ellik discourages dogs, looks at them with their big eyes and seems to think; Can joke what the nerd.

Elli came to us as a hostage in 2005. We found Ellin online, Ell’s previous owner was going to study abroad and then Elli moved us from Rovaniemi at the age of 11 months. Elli is 99% in the interior. When we go to the country, Elli can go out and practice the cat’s specific habits.

Elli has once had a hawk where he lost one of his nine lives. Pretty soon after we arrived, Elli made an exploration on the balcony, the neighbor’s side was very interested and Elli jumped about a mile to the neighbor’s side. This trip went quite glorious, we got the cat from the neighbor. After that, we put an obstacle in order to avoid the advent of adventure on the neighbor’s side. But the obstacles did not hold Elli, Elli climbed over the obstacle and jumped to her neighbor. Unfortunately, there was no one at home in the neighborhood, and Elli tried to jump back home. The jump could not succeed because the obstacle was ahead. Elli dropped from the balcony, from the third floor. Elli was searched but no cat was found. Well, luckily, we have a dog looking for missing animals, Carkki searched his yard for a while and found Ell hiding in the downstairs from the neighbor’s terrace behind the mat. Elli was used by a doctor, the cat had almost disappeared from her fall, only a small Rikama came to her lip.

Elli is a fairly small cat, the weight of the girl is two to three pounds. Elli loves wrestling with the pins. With Elli, he has an evening meal. Dog and cat run around the apartment while driving each other alternately. Between them is really bumpy, usually Elli wins and the pistols will rush out. Ell’s secret weapon, those sharp KYNNET get a more parked pinser to escape. After the play you can then rub the collar while sleeping side by side.