German pinscher

General about pinser (not true) 


The pinscher is of German origin. The Pinscher has been a racing and racing dog, and even today the pinser is happy to catch all sorts of little things. So if your elbows spin around your elbows, work a pinset. At its best, however, the pinset is a watchdog and watchdog.



The nature of Pinser

Pinser’s character is lively, lively and playful. Pinser has a reasonably large ego, especially in males. It is not a whistle (unless a fairy tale is begging) and occasionally dogs coming to the dog, especially the males. Bitches are bigger than males, but there are also temperaments. The pinscher is also nice and suitable for a family of children if not

The children of the family are not in any way disturbed and bully the pins. In this case, even a nice pinser can become angry.



Pinser size

The pins should be fed so much that it grows to a height of at least 45 cm but if the dog grows more than 50 cm high, it has probably been fed too much. In other respects, feeding the pinscher’s puppy does not guarantee the ideal size, but parents and grandparents of the dog should be suitably fed. The pinser should be square, this does not mean that it should be increased by the cover times in the cover box. The weight on the pinser should be so great that it can feel good in the arms.



Pinser training

Pinser’s brain lives in a kind of symbiosis with the nose. If the dog does not listen to you at the time of training, wipe the sausage balm in front of the nose. With sausage, the pinset does exactly what you want. The pinsers are very agile and are suitable for hobbies where agility is needed. In Agility, the dog’s properties are well displayed. Otherwise, if you are not ready to run, then forget the whole thing, because walking you will not stay behind the pinser. The pinscher is well suited for many different activities, maybe for a fork-tree it is not worth to teach, the pinser might think that he is looking for your own destiny.



Pinser’s Ark

It is said that the pinser is a weather dog. This is not entirely true. The pinch dislikes the heavy rain and the cold does not like it. Therefore, the pinser should have its own clothing store for different situations. In the fall Raincoat is needed and in winter the pinser can be worn on slippers, overalls and hats. On the other hand, if you do not get the pinser, you do not have to walk alone in the water rain or vibrate in the cold. In this case, the pinser needs to go out so quickly that you will not be able to change with your neighbors.


The pinch loves long loops (the weather must be at least moderate), but it will work on shorter legs as well. So you do not have to be a top athlete so you can run your dog.


At home you should have at least one good coarse carpet, many pinsers will gladly chew themselves on the rugs. If the pins were to decide, there would be no other blankets in the world than breastfeeding, under the down jacket the pinset gets the best of sleep. In the springtime, care must be taken to ensure that the sun’s light can be easily unraveled. Sunburn is very important for the pincers.


The pinser is a herd of animals, the pony is the happiest. The cuttlefish can form people and a pinset or several pinsers and people. Usually, the pinser is not racist, it accepts other breed dogs or even cats in their cattle.


You should be careful with eating. The pinscher is an omnivorous dog with a very durable belly. Sometimes a pinser may be a glutton and eat more than the pole pulls, or the dog can be a real scumper who needs to feed better than what you eat. Otherwise, the dog can be eaten as long as it is allowed to steal the food. The pinch steals your evening cube quickly and unobtrusively.


With Pinser you have to plow several hours a day and it should not be left alone for too long. When alone, a pinser may, for example, Chew pencils or shred newspapers, or it may even cry. If you do not endure these features or want evasion, get a puppy dog


The pinscher is a lovely and lovable dog with a character that is not unnoticeable and whose top-notch enchants more people who are acquainted with race.