Hotbobbers`s Pinscher and Dreevers

Sini-Min’s Pinscher

Dogiwog Pinsers and Danzigans

Julivon Pinscher

Briatzan Miniature Pins and Carkin’s Ricky

Island Pinscher

Rowan-Alley’s Miniature Pins

Black Bohemia , Pinscher and Dachshunds

Dane Amor , Pinscher & Shorthaired Collie

Upland , pinser

Hardly Dangerous & FireBell`s , Pinscher

YesPinYes Breeds:

YPY Alpacino “Pena” and a cheerful Paavo

YPY Aceventura “Capu”

YPY Britney “Netta” and DW Lervolet “Ani” (blog)

YPY Britney and DW Lervolet

Nice Pinscher Sites:

Pyry and Aatu (Pyry, A-litter’s lovely sucker)

Donna and Fiini

Hotbbber`s Abby Flowergirl “Milla”, Kope Roope

Dog associations and clubs as well as other animal related parties:

Finnish Kennel Club

DogNet Breeding Information System

Kainuu Kennel Club

Kainuu Club Dog and Terrier Club

Pinserit ry

Snauter-Pinser Central Organization ry

Northern Finland Snauters-Pinscher Harrastajat ry

SSPK ry’s Savo subsection

Kainuu Animal Protection Association KESY

Other our favorite sites:

Julius Animal Hotel and Miniature Schnauzer

Pinser Forum

Kennel Rantaniemelän, sk Kettuterrierit, Finnish dog kennel

Tassuolg’s goggles

Nice wallpapers

Ritva’s Gallery