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Kennel YesPinYes

Our motto is: “Every day is a pinset day” Kennel YesPinYes saw daylight on November 22, 2006. I grow pinks at home in a very small way. Our stance is Dogiwog’s Carkki. Our first litter was born on July 24, 2006. The litter is the Big Boy of the Sini-Min “Pyry” . Pylle is an incredibly noble boy. He totally charmed both Cark and Carkin. The litter had 9 puppies, 8 boys and 1 girl. Any girl left home to grow.


Breeding dogs have always been studied for healthy eyes and hips. We do not use breeds for dogs with siblings, parents or older siblings having HC (Gray cataracts) , RD (retinal insufficiency) , or PRA (retinal deterioration) . If, in my litters, a dog is studied for a HC dog under two years of age, I do not recommend one of the dogs in that litter to breeding at any stage. For breeding we do not use a dog who has been diagnosed with PHTVL / PHPV (Permanent fetal periodic vasodilatations)

The breeding dog’s hips must be A / A or B / B. We do not use a C / C hip dog for breeding because the Kennel Club classifies a C-legged dog ill, even though the breed association accepts the C-loop dog breeding exercise A with the hip, we do not accept it. I also do not recommend using my breed for C to a hip dog.

The breeding dog must be vaccinated. If the dog breeders for breeding are known to have severe vaccination symptoms, the dog is not used for breeding. At least one parent needs to have full bite and another one is allowed only one small premolar deficiency.

The breeding dog must also be healthy otherwise, the dog must not have allergies, no chronic rash or intestinal problems.

We do not use breeding less than two year old dogs.

The breeder is used for breeding up to three times. If a bitch makes two puppies of 15 or more at a time, it will not be used for the third time for breeding.

The use of healthy dogs in breeding is a prerequisite for our kennel. We do not stare at the exhibition merits list. Because showcases have never been inherited. Suffice it to have a breeder’s dog show EH (very good). Breeding dogs must be social and transparent in character.

We grow litters a little, let our young dogs grow up and mature properly for adults to make our puppies start doing them. Our goal is to focus on quality, not quantity.

Dogs have been my life all my life. Our family has had boxers and bad dogs. My childhood I spent a large part of Kainuu Working Dog Association , PK and sled dog events Kontiomäki Puikkokoskella. I have been to the ring secretary course, dachshunds Judge-road test course and a road test Suomenajokoira judge the course. Suomenajokoira brook Pipsa om. J. Jauhiainen) I may have kaksoisvalioksi the 80’s.

Litter plans